Life Should be a Marathon, Not a Sprint


I have just experienced my second father’s day and would like to take a minute to reflect on the previous year.

Currently I am excellent at being your heating pad, comforter, mattress, trampoline, sleeping buddy, wing man, teddy bear when you are sick, body guard, reader, feeder, horse, Ipad technician, carrier, friend, tea partner, chaperon and your human powertrain for your cozy coupe. Things which I never thought would go on my resume.

At this current moment you hate baths and water with a passion.

It is not a pretty sight when you get angry or frustrated and I usually give in to what you want.

I am mystified at how much energy you have crawling and running around the entire house all fueled by your curiosity.

Your (10 piranha teeth)  smile electrifies a room and people would die for your attention.

Your sense of humor is based upon pranking and you have a great ignore function.

We still sign with you because you are delayed in your speech. Some communication is better than none since it dissolves some of the frustration from the lack of verbal acknowledgement.

You hate healthy things, but love Oreos, Goldfish, Lucky Charms, saltines, grilled cheese, and toast.

You are fashion forward because your sense of style is tuned with your swagger.

Waking up next to you is like a MMA fight in the morning. Your patience is thin and you are ready to go once you are awake. Your legs and arms kick and tap me until I am sharing your excitement for the day. I wish I had your joy of starting the day.

It is a full time job protecting you from life threatening dangers.

The five seconds it takes for you to greet me with a pitter patter of small footsteps followed by a shriek and glance when I come home from work sums up good parenting.

Now on life. What I can tell you is that I hate aging, but aging also means that I get to watch you grow. As each day passes your physical features become more pronounced. You are exuding beauty and your smile is contagious. People always comment on how you look more like your mother daily.

The older I get the more I realize that I am one step farther away from watching you becoming a great mother and wife one day. I wish I could be there when you become a grandparent, but I doubt that it will ever happen. One day you will realize that time will be your greatest asset while concurrently sneaking up on you as your greatest nemesis. When that happens you will realize that you can never have enough time with your family because they are a reflection of you and your faults.  Keep them close because at the end of the day they know you the best.

About life, people are funny creatures. There are two types of people out there. People who lack self identity and those who have it who continue to explore the path of self improvement. Those without identity will always make the same mistakes over and over again because that is all they know. My only wish for you is to make mistakes, but to never make the same mistakes twice. Those without self identity will continue to make the same mistakes because they always revert back to what they know when they are pushed or stretched due to adverse conditions. Whenever people revert to what they know, it usually leads to failure because they make the same mistakes, only to justify their actions as a different occurrence. I do not want you to ever revert to just what you know when you face adversity. Take what you know and expand on it so you never make the same mistakes again.  My job as a parent in addition to the ones listed above will be to teach you as much as I can, so you can face adversity with different viewpoints  to only make the best decisions. Right now you run to me when you make a mistake, but I will not always be there to fix them.  

The key to making great friendships is to suggest, reflect, act and to never judge people because they don’t live up to your expectations.  Never lose your faith in humanity, but do let people make their own mistakes and accept their faults while learning the act of humility. You will never go wrong if you genuinely love and care about others.

On age, a while back  I made a decision to take proactive decisions about my lifestyle to stay around for you as long as I could. I exercise, abstain from smoking/drinking, and began to accept the fact that I am getting older and grayer. As I watch the seasons pass me I see that the winters and summers take a toll on me while they give you endless hours of joy and laughs. My memory will age and just like a hard drive it’ll record a little slower after time. I don’t ever look forward to the miracle drug which promises me a shortened recovery time after workouts, increases my memory, strength, or even reduce my fears because it would take away the precious relationship between age and time. Legacies are defined between the markers of time and age.  Allow yourself to be educated as much as you can because education should be an asset and not a commodity.

I hope that if you ever find yourself in a position of solitude where you need my advice and I am not there that these letters, notes, and pictures will offer you some comfort and insight.

I am here whenever you need me or when you just need a laugh. hug or kiss.

Devotedly waiting for our next adventure,



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